About Sally

Sally Scott is a Chiropractor based in Chorlton, Manchester. She has 15 years of clinical experience after gaining her BSc. Hons in Chiropractic in 2005.

At her clinic she offers a patient centred, thorough service which may include advice on posture, exercise and lifestyle changes as well as Chiropractic treatment.

Her passion is treatment during pregnancy and the postpartum period, during which huge changes occur in the musculoskeletal system. For the past 12 years Sally’s special interest in pregnancy has seen her help hundreds of women keep active and mobile and to prepare for childbirth.

In addition to her clinic during the week, Sally teaches optimal foetal positioning classes to pregnant women and their birth partners.


COVID -19. The clinic remains open but at reduced capacity, due to spacing patient appointments and allowing time for full clean down after each patient.

At present Sally can only accept new patients who are currently pregnant and unfortunately there is a short waiting list.